Black Jack beginner mistakeBlack Jack beginner mistakes are easy to learn. In order not to have to pay too much apprenticeship, the typical Black Jack beginners mistakes should be avoided. First and foremost, it helps to keep the rules in mind. Often, one simply forgets that in the case when players and dealers have overbought, the profit always goes to the dealer. Good companions to a victory or even a victory route are made possible by knowing and adhering to blackjack strategies.

Blackjack is a game in which the player has a big impact on whether it leads to profit or loss. Important: Especially with blackjack, it is important to keep a cool head and to have access to a wealth of experience. Here the exercise makes the master!

Black Jack - rookie number 1

  • Never bet on the end of a loser range!

One of the most common rookie mistakes is the likelihood of a loser track ending. Many decide to keep playing or to increase the stake. Here blackjack pros recommend the opposite behavior. With increasing numbers of games, the stakes should be equal or lower. Experienced players report that the probability of winning back the accumulated loss sum with a blackjack hand is more like a dream vision than a worth mentioning probability.

Black Jack - rookie number 2

  • Soft sheet and hard sheet rules

Black Jack AsA soft sheet is a sheet of cards in which the As card can vary between 1 and 10. The situation is different with a hard-sheet. Here is the value of the Ace card in clear dependence on the map sheet and does not vary accordingly. Depending on the hard- or soft-sheet available, different strategies can be used. For a soft card sheet with a value of 17 you should never stop as a beginner. Often, this rule is confused with the hard-card sheet and the numerical value of 17, where the stand is a recommendable action. By turning the As-10 value into an As-1 value, the decision to hit a Soft 17 means that no bust can occur.

If you have a soft card sheet with a value of 18, the decision to hit or stand again depends on the dealer's hand. If the dealer's hand shows an open 9, an ace or a 10-card, a hit is a good idea. Also in this scenario, the experience of the regular players prove that the dealer wins the round, usually with more than 18 points. In a soft-card sheet with a numerical value of 18, you should think better of it as a beginner to stop and instead opt for a hit.

Black Jack - rookie number 3

  • Know rules and ask the concrete rules of the table

Blackjack games are not the same in every casino and not at every table. Before a bet is lost because the rules were not clear, the rules must be clear before the game starts . It can help to watch a few rounds, internalize the gameplay and, at best, build a feel for the dealer.

More tips for a successful Blackjack game

Beginners should be said: Only courage with a 8 twin

the blackjackWith no other twin, the decision to split is as good as a pair of 8. However, only if the dealer's card has a value of 10. Many beginners remain in this situation in the state. The experience shows that the chances with these cards leaves in favor of the player. Since a split is associated with the doubling of the stake, it is important to set the decision for a split depending on the renewed willingness to race.

The split from a card value of 10

If the dealer has a 5 or a 6 on his face-up card, many beginners decide to split for a twin of 10 or more. However, the practical experience shows that not this should not belong to the golden rules of a beginner. A twin with a card value of 10 or more is already in possession of a 20-card hand. The goal of doubling the payoff by splitting and re-wagering is seldom achieved in practice. Because of the split the 10er Doppel breaks up into two pairs each with a 10 and a still unknown second or even third card. Beginners are therefore advised to decide in a 10-twin for Stand and in the best case, the profit.

Play on a sheet of cards with a value of 16

In blackjack, the shotgun can be thrown into the corn too early. Especially in the scenario of a 16-card sheet of a player. Continue playing is worthwhile in any case. At least one card should still be taken. Also, the widely circulated opinion, to stay with a map sheet between 17 and 20, is not a real recommendation for beginners. As with other card games and games of chance , experiences bring real benefits to a player's reaction and action. So, the best and most lasting recommendation for a blackjack beginner is to get as much gaming experience as possible.

Learn from others' mistakes

Of course you can not know all the mistakes and avoid them from the beginning. But it proves to be ideal help to learn from the mistakes of others. The best scenes are written by life itself, so when collecting your own experiences as a player, it is a good idea to use the power of observation and to be interested in your fellow players and the actions and reactions of the dealer. Furthermore, beginners should be interested even in the advanced status again and again to perceive mistakes and to file in the future.